Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate physics at UC Davis is an exciting experience. The introductory series, especially the 9 Honors series, reveal the beauty of the core topics in a cohesive and compelling way. Then the junior and senior course concentrate on deeper understanding and application. Students form invaluable bonds with their peers and with faculty, and engaged students find plentiful opportunities for research involvement, often arising in the sophomore year or even earlier. Our students find that the resources, support and opportunities available at UCD Physics provide superb preparation for further study in top graduate schools and for careers in all fields of modern technology. UC Davis Physics is an APS Bridge Program member institution, committed to improving diversity in the physics community.

Why Physics at UC Davis?

Meet some of our students!

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Jasmine Durias and Rachel de los Reyes

MPS Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Office: 111 Everson Hall
Phone: 530-754-0464 or 530-752-5079

For advising email jedurias@ucdavis.edu or radelosreyes@ucdavis.edu to schedule an appointment.

Lori Lubin

Vice Chair of Administration and Undergrad Affairs
Office: 507 Physics
Phone: (530) 754-4418
Email: lmlubin@ucdavis.edu