The UC Davis Department of Physics provides a dynamic and diverse environment for the training of graduate students. We have vibrant programs in condensed matter, high energy physics, string theory, cosmology, nuclear physics, complexity, and atomic/molecular/optics. Graduate students can also work in interdisciplinary research on planet formation, photonics, quantum devices, and quantum computing, so the opportunities for the motivated student are almost endless. Our graduate students go on to prestigious postdoctoral positions and excellent industry placements. The links at the left provide details of the program and the application process. 

The Physics Department and UC Davis as a whole value diversity among students and faculty. Experiencing a variety of perspectives and interacting with colleagues from differing backgrounds is rewarding for the entire community and enhances our research and teaching missions. The department strives to maintain a respectful, inclusive environment where all students can flourish. We are an APS Bridge Program member institution, committed to improving diversity in the physics community. For information on campus-wide efforts to support diversity, go here.




Shields library and Bookhead, one of seven Egghead sculptures on campus