Undergraduate Degree Requirements

To earn a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree, requirements specific to the degree desired must be satisfied. Below are the requirements to satisfy for degrees offered in Physics.

Major Advising

  • Students are encouraged to see their major advisor at least once a year to ensure you are making progress in the major.
  • Students should visit a College of Letters and Science advisor at least by their junior year to check on General Education and English requirements. Students should also do a final degree check with the college the quarter before they plan to graduate.
  • Graduating seniors must complete a Post Graduation Information form and return it to the Undergraduate Academic Advisor in the quarter they are going to graduate.

Learning Objectives

The undergraduate curriculum in physics prepares students for graduate school in physics, professional school (medicine, law), industry, or teaching. Students graduating with a physics degree should be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency with mathematics and mathematical concepts
  • Work in a wide variety of technical, academic, and professional careers
  • Demonstrate knowledge of classical and quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, laboratory skills including basic digital electronics and computer interfaces to scientific equipment, special relativity and scientific programming
  • Work in a professional laboratory setting

Degree Check Sheets

o Physics BS

o Physics AB

o Applied Physics BS

o Physics Minor

Ø Typical BS Schedule

Physics/ECE B.S and M.S Integrated Degree Program (IDP)

The Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Graduate Program offers a B.S./M.S. integrated degree program in Physical Electronics for Physics undergraduates. Students interested in applying for this program should follow the Applied Physics-Physical Electronics concentration check sheet. Undergraduate students should apply in their junior year for this program and would take Graduate courses in ECE concurrently with their senior year classes. Please see the IDP website for more information. This is a great opportunity for Physics students to get a Masters degree in a short period of time at UC Davis!

If you would like to substitute or waive a course requirement please follow the steps below.

Course Substitution/Waiver Requests

  • Course Needs to be submitted well in advance, preferably prior to enrollment in the course.
  • Contact the Undergraduate Academic Advisor to set up a meeting with a faculty advisor.
  • Faculty advisor submits course substitution/waiver request to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for approval. You will be contacted once the committee reaches a decision.