Course Equivalency Request

Please note that this form is only for physics and astronomy classes taken outside of the California Community College system. For classes taken at a California Community College, please use to determine if it's equivalent to a class at UC Davis.

Review the requested information below carefully and submit all information for a class at one time for timely evaluation of your transfer units.

Steps to submitting Request for Course Equivalency Evaluation:

  1. Check the Physics and Astronomy Department's Equivalency List to see if your course has already been reviewed:
    UC Davis Physics and Astronomy Equivalency List
    • If your class was determined to be equivalent within the last 5 years, then do you do NOT need to complete the rest of this form!
    • If you don't see your class in the database, or if it's been more than 5 years since it was last evaluated, continue on to Step 2.
  2. Look at the syllabi on the UC Davis Physics & Astronomy website to determine which UC Davis class you believe to be equivalent to the class you took elsewhere:
    UC Davis Physics and Astronomy Syllabi
  3. Submit the information below for each course. Please note that you must provide complete supporting documentation. Insufficient documentation will result in a rejected equivalency.

If you need to request evaluation of multiple physics and astronomy classes, you must complete one equivalency request per class.