Why Physics at UCD?

Davis has a rare combination of exciting world-class research and a tradition of commitment to undergraduate education. At Davis you will find:

  1. Opportunities to participate in exciting cutting-edge research. Visit the condensed matter, cosmology, high energy and nuclear physics groups by starting from our department web page. For some examples of projects, visit http://london.ucdavis.edu/~zieve/REU/reu.html. See our partial list of faculty that utilize undergraduates in their research projects here.
  2. A friendly atmosphere. Physics majors have a sense of camaraderie and an active physics club, with their own room in the physics building for meetings and other activities. There is also an astronomy club. Click here to meet some of our students in short video clips discussing their experience here at UCD Physics. Also read some alumni testimonials.
  3. Accessible professors. Professors generally work with their doors open and are available to students.
  4. Excellent teaching. The department has a long tradition of attention to undergraduate education. Several of our faculty and lecturers have won Distinguished Teaching Awards, including a past chair of the department. Click here to view our Teaching Awards list.
  5. A vibrant honors introductory series. Physics 9H is especially geared towards physics majors and others who wish to grasp the most important and exciting topics as soon as possible. Small class size, rather than the large lectures of non-honors Physics 9, and intimate atmosphere make for great camaraderie, easy student-teacher interaction, and a more focused and stimulating experience.
  6. A great place to live. Davis has a thriving downtown area with shops, restaurants, movie theaters and art galleries. We are 14 miles from Sacramento, two hours from all the recreational opportunities of the Sierra and 70 miles from the cultural attractions of the bay area. Follow the links at about UCDavis for more info.

If you would like to schedule a visit to UCD Physics, please contact Amy Folz at (530) 752-4092, aefolz@ucdavis.edu

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