Honors Physics

Do you like physics? Do you enjoy math and its application in physics and other classes? Can you see yourself making an important contribution someday in physics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, biology or just about any other natural science? Do you like a challenge?

Then Physics 9 Honors is for you.

The Physics 9 Honors series is our introductory physics series for the most enthusiastic students. It starts right away, in the Fall quarter, so you can get going quickly while your High School physics is still fresh in mind. Computers are used much more extensively in laboratories and discussion sections than in the non-honors series, and exciting topics in modern physics are studied earlier and in greater depth. The first quarter includes the study of chaos theory as well as classical, deterministic mechanics. The second quarter continues the study of the motion of objects with a thorough introduction to the theory of special relativity and the behavior of large numbers of particles with applications to cosmology. The third quarter explores wave phenomena, starting with classical waves and then delving into quantum mechanics from a waves approach. The fourth quarter treats electrodynamics, emphasizing its relativistic nature and origins. The fifth quarter continues the study of quantum mechanics with applications to condensed matter, atomic, nuclear, and elementary particle physics.

Due to the small class size and shared interests, students quickly form bonds with each other and with their teachers. If you are ready to learn as much physics as you can, as one of an elite group of science students, check out Physics 9 Honors. High school physics and advanced placement in math 21B or higher are desirable, but if you have a strong interest in physics and some background in calculus, those requirements can be waived. Note that advanced placement in physics is not a requirement to enroll in the physics honors series.

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PHY9HB Winter 2011
PHY9HC Spring 2011
PHY9HD Fall 2010
PHY9HE Winter 2011

For further information, contact Amy Folz and/or one of the instructors below.

Undergraduate Academic Advisor: Amy Folz (530)752-4092, aefolz@ucdavis.edu

9H Instructor: Markus Luty, (530)554-1280, maluty@ucdavis.edu

9H Instructor: Michael Mulhearn, (530) 754-7226, mjmulhearn@ucdavis.edu

9H Instructor: Tom Weideman, teweideman@ucdavis.edu