Diversity and Inclusion

Physics and Astronomy Diversity Mission Statement

To download a PDF of this statement please click here.

Physics Department statement on diversity and inclusion. Click on this image to download a PDF of this statement.

DIP Mission Statement

Diversity and Inclusion in Physics (DIP) is a group dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive work environment and discussion forum. DIP strives to be an educational organization, one that raises awareness of underrepresented groups, backgrounds, identities, and experiences. DIP aims to create an environment where underrepresented groups can have a valued voice in our physics community and beyond. We strive to foster a sense of belonging among our members as we work towards an understanding of each other’s perspectives.

DIP provides a space for UC Davis students, post docs, and faculty to discuss, learn about, and facilitate a community around issues of diversity, inclusion, social justice, race, and equity. Members are encouraged to contribute and share personal perspective and experiences. DIP meetings are a way to participate in active and reflective discussions and events that address diversity, inclusion, social justice, race and equity issues.