Welcome to the UC Davis Cosmology Group Homepage.

Observational faculty (Robert Becker, Patricia Boeshaar, Marusa Bradac, Lori Lubin, Christopher Fassnacht, Tony Tyson, Stefano Valenti, Tucker Jones and David Wittman) probe dark matter and dark energy through gravitational lensing, high-redshift quasars and the reionization of the Universe, high-redshift clusters of galaxies and the assembly and evolution of large-scale structures, low-mass stars and brown dwarfs, and wide-area optical and radio surveys. Learn more by going to the Research page.

Theoretical faculty (Andreas Albrecht, Nemanja Kaloper, Lloyd Knox and Andrew Wetzel) study the implications of modern ideas of high energy physics for the early Universe (and vice-versa), dark energy, dark matter, predictions of observable effects, and analysis and interpretation of cosmological data with an emphasis on its implications for fundamental physics, as well as galaxy formation and cosmic structure formation across the history of the Universe.

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