Jaroslav Trnka receives a UC Davis Creativity-Innovation Award

Jaroslav Trnka, Assistant Professor of Physics, was awarded a UC Davis Creativity-Innovation Award. The award is given each year to "an up-and-coming faculty member who exhibits great promise as a creator and innovator in his or her research." The selection committee chose two recipients this year, and described the research proposals involved as "[promising] a significant advance that would bring distinction to UC Davis". Jaroslav's research proposal is "Quantum Scattering":

From the UC Davis News article:

“Quantum Scattering” — In researching nature’s smallest particles, Trnka and Nima Arkani-Hamed put forth in 2013 “a completely new picture for particle scattering known as amplituhedron, connecting original ideas from geometry and combinatorics,” as described by Trnka in his proposal. Now, with his Early Career Faculty Award for Creativity and Innovation, he plans to enhance this innovative approach to fundamental physics.

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