1st Year Physics Student Guidelines

Entering 1st year Physics Majors: Courses

Physics 9HA and MAT Placement

MAT 21B - okay

MAT 21A - okay if previous experience with Calculus in High School and comfortable with using calculus

on this level in PHY 9HA.Student must take MAT 21D over the following summer as MAT 21D

is a firm prerequisite for PHY 9HD!

Otherwise, a student should take the PHY 9 series, starting with PHY 9A in the Spring Term, as

MAT 21D is a prerequisite for PHY 9C

MAT 21M – okay;reviews briefly MAT 21A material and covers MAT 21B material in an accelerated


MAT 21C – a student may AP into this class with a Calculus BC score of 5.Best to talk to a math adviser

to see if you would be comfortable doing this.

A student can change from PHY 9HA to the regular PHY 9 series only after taking PHY 9HA (not later in the series), and vice versa.

A student who takes 9HA but decides to continue with 9B may need to delay proceeding with physics until taking additional mathematics classes. MAT 21D is a firm prerequisite for PHY 9C.