Daniel Cebra

Headshot of Daniel Cebra


One Shields Avenue
Physics Department
Davis, CA 95616

Office: 387A Physics Building
Phone: +1 (530) 752-4592
Fax: +1 (530) 752-4717
Email: dacebra@ucdavis.edu

Personal Website: http://cebra.physics.ucdavis.edu

Research Interests:

Relativistic Heavy-Ion Physics: Studies of the bulk properties of nuclear matter under extremes of temperatures and pressure, the nuclear equation of state, the quark-gluon plasma phase transition.

Research Areas

Career History

  • Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1990
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, 1990-1991
  • Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis, 1992-1999
  • Associate Professor, University of California, Davis, 1999-2004
  • Professor, University of California, Davis, 2004-Present


  • Graduate Office Scholarship, Michigan State University, 1984-86
  • College Doctoral Fellowship, Michigan State University, 1984