Winter 2021 Physics and Astronomy Course Offerings

November 20, 2020

All of the Physics and Astronomy undergraduate classes in Winter 2021 will be entirely remote and in some cases asynchronous. We always aim to make space for all students interested in our courses. In some ways remote instruction makes this easier, by removing constraints from lecture hall sizes and available lab setups. If a course you want appears full, please add yourself to the waitlist. That tells us there is extra demand, and it lets us communicate with you when new seats are added. If you have a nominal conflict with a course and need a PTA number, please contact Amy Folz, Tell her the exact section you would like and also what the conflicting course is.

Physics 7:
We plan to make room for all students who sign up for Physics 7, although not necessarily in their first-choice section. We will add more seats once waitlists start next week. For Physics 7, attendance at quizzes during the first 25 minutes of lecture is mandatory, and Discussion/Laboratory attendance is also required. There will be one required midterm during a lecture. Contact us if this will be a problem for you, and we will try to find a workable solution. We will be careful that the midterms do not conflict with those of ABI 102, ABI 103, or CHE 8B.

Physics 9:
We have just added seats which we think will accommodate everyone who wants to take a Physics 9 course this winter. If necessary we will add more. The Physics 9 lectures will be recorded for asynchronous viewing. There will be office hours and problem solving during the lecture time slot. Attendance at the lecture time is optional except for an expected 3 midterm exams during the quarter. Laboratories will be entirely synchronous. The weekly one-hour Discussion section does have mandatory attendance.