UC Davis Physics and Astronomy postdoctoral researcher Eduardo Ibarra-García-Padilla generalizes theory of magnetic patterns to higher numbers of fermion colors

Image: G. Pasqualetti et al.

Physics and Astronomy Professor Richard Scalettar and postdoctoral researcher Eduardo Ibarra-García-Padilla are co-authors of a new paper appearing in Physical Review Letters.

Excerpt from the UC Davis Letters and Science News article:

In a new study, an international research team, including UC Davis physicists, has expanded the Fermi-Hubbard model, allowing for a more detailed exploration of materials and their properties. ...

"We’re all familiar with the phase diagram of water, how it can be solid, liquid or gaseous depending on temperature and pressure,” said Eduardo Ibarra-García-Padilla, a postdoctoral researcher who works in the lab of Professor Richard Scalettar, Department of Physics and Astronomy. “The equation of state is all about how a material’s thermodynamic properties, such as density, depend on physical parameters, such as temperature and pressure."

Please read the full article on the Letters and Science News website here.

Professor Richard Scalettar

Postdoctoral Researcher Eduardo Ibarra-García-Padilla