UC Davis Moves to Phase 2 for Ramp-Up of Research

The Office of Research has announced a move to Phase 2 for research, starting Monday June 1:

Message from Chair Rena Zieve to the UC Davis Physics researchers:

There is not a huge difference between the current Phase 1x and Phase 2. In particular, you still need to:

-- Submit (or have your PI submit) a research ramp-up plan before beginning on-campus work. The ramp-up plan applies to Phases 1-3. It's described in the document linked above, in "Requirements for Phases 1-3" #2, starting near the bottom of page 3.

-- Refrain from pressuring anyone to do on-campus research if they are not yet comfortable doing so.

-- Wear a face covering when in public or shared areas.

-- Track your presence in campus buildings.

-- Maintain the same maximum room occupancy and personal separation as for Phase 1x.

-- Have no more than two people per PI present at any time.

-- Follow the same disinfectant procedures for shared equipment.

-- Be prepared to ramp down on-campus research again if the campus deems it necessary.

The two main changes I see are:

-- A few additional groups may want to begin on-campus work.

-- We'll allow shifts for all research groups. Make sure you have a good plan to avoid accidental overlaps. (PIs moving to shifts should update their ramp-up plan appropriately.) At a minimum, leave at least a one-hour gap between scheduled shifts, and make sure each worker has contact info so that s/he can notify the next person in case something runs late.

Bear in mind that the ramp-up is an effort to balance keeping the coronavirus situation under control with letting life move forward. It absolutely does not mean that all is well. In Yolo County, new COVID-19 cases hit a minimum in early May (5 total, May 1-11) but have since picked up (13 total May 12-22, then 22 for May 23-28). These are still low numbers, but they may indicate precaution fatigue. We all need to stay vigilant about the hand-washing, social distancing, etc. Those actions remain important and in all likelihood will be for months to come.

Best regards,