Shruti Paranjape Awarded the UC Davis Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship

shruti-paranjape2.jpegQMAP postdoctoral researcher, Shruti Paranjape, was awarded the 2022-2023 UC Davis Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship. Shruti completed her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Henriette Elvang from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2021. She works on understanding fundamental interactions using on-shell scattering amplitude techniques. Her recent focus is on using these methods to explore the relationship between massive gravity models and supersymmetry.  Her other projects include extending geometric techniques to compute scattering amplitudes beyond the planar level. 

Shruti has been an active member of  the Fields, Strings, and Gravity research group, helping organize the CA Amplitudes Meeting 2022, the recently concluded Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting 2022, and the FSG seminars. She is also engaged in science outreach and is a founding member of the Theory Girls Podcast.