2024-2025 Physics and Astronomy Club Officers

The Physics and Astronomy Club at UC Davis has selected a excellent and
diverse cast of officers to lead the Club in the next academic year.
These new officers are committed to bolstering the prowess of physics at
UC Davis and in the local community.

President: Stelo Xu (yqsxu@ucdavis.edu)
Vice President of Physics: Justin Lemmon (jlemmon@ucdavis.edu)
Vice President of Astronomy: Kat Galdamez (kigaldamez@ucdavis.edu)
Secretary: Ayush Gilotra (agilotra@ucdavis.edu)
Treasurer: Pahulpreet Cheema (pscheema@ucdavis.edu)
Project Team Lead: Lynn Hironymous (lhironymous@ucdavis.edu)
Media Manager: Yoyo Fung (cyfung@ucdavis.edu)
Outreach Manager: Santi Hernandez (sohernan@ucdavis.edu)
Catering Coordinator: Brian Khov (blkhob@ucdavis.edu)
Picnic Day Lead: Charles Jordan (chmjordan@ucdavis.edu)
Astronomy Coordinator: Oliver Ortiz Garcia (ojortizgarcia@ucdavis.edu)

The club this year is bigger and better than ever, focusing on great
educational and networking opportunities for new and old students
on Friday meetings, a grand and exciting picnic day show, more
highschool outreach, tutoring, and so much more. The Physics and
Astronomy clubs will now also be merged into one larger whole, just as
the department is.