Opportunity Fellowship Fund Enters Last Week of Phase I Fundraising

According to our unofficial total of gifts and pledges to the Opportunity Fellowship Fund we need just over $20K more to reach our goal of raising $200K from department members by the July 1 deadline. Will we make it? It’s an exciting cliff hanger. Stay tuned.

If you want to help us get there, and are able, please ask Professor Lloyd Knox , or any other member of our fearless and helpful campaign committee (Daniel Cox, Markus Luty, Eric Prebys, Bob Svoboda, Tony Tyson, Rena Zieve and Gergely Zimanyi), for a gift and pledge form. Please also let Professor Knox know what you gave/pledged so we can keep our tracking up to date.

Gifts and pledges have come in so far from 56 students, 28 active faculty, 3 emeritii, one advisory board member, one researcher, and one staff member.
We are grateful to all who have given! These gifts, and the ones to follow over the next week, will set us up well for Phase II in which we intend to bring the total funds raised to $1M.