NMR in a Superconducting Vortex

The Curro and Taufour groups published their collaborative work in the iron-based superconductor FeSe recently; see https://curro.ucdavis.edu/nmr-in-a-superconducting-vortex/.

Postdoc Igor Vinograd used NMR to probe the superconducting vortex cores and uncovered an unusual enhancement due to localized states.  Former undergraduate students Sarah Edwards and Journey Byland (who also joined our graduate program) contributed to this work.

Iron Selenide (FeSe) crystals growing inside a sealed ampoule in a furnace. These crystals naturally grow as square plates. They are grown using a method known as chemical vapor transport. The FeSe crystals are growing inside little droplets of solvent condensed from the gas phase. The temperature and the composition of the solvent was refined to improve the quality of the samples.

Local magnetic field in a vortex lattice.