John Rundle Tapped to Be Keynote Speaker at Natural Disasters Exposition in Anaheim, CA

Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy John Rundle has been tapped to be a Keynote speaker at the upcoming Natural Disasters Exposition in Anaheim, CA, in recognition of his high visibility in the area of earthquake forecasting.  His talk will be titled:  “Anticipating Earthquakes"

According to their website, the Expo is "The ultimate destination for disaster and emergency response professionals is finally here! The Earthquake Expo USA is the leading seismic prep, management, and recovery event, showcasing the latest tools, strategies, and insights among investment and global industry leaders.”  The Expo is a new event organized by Fortem International, a UK-based conference organizing company.  The Expo is a global show, having previously been in Miami earlier this year, followed by the Anaheim convention center in November, then Singapore in December, then in Hamburg, Germany next year.