Jenna Samuel awarded a prestigious NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship

Jenna Samuel, a student of Andrew Wetzel, was just awarded an NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship. Jenna will take this fellowship to the Department of Astronomy at the University of Texas, Austin this fall to pursue her project: "Modeling the physics of gas removal and quenching in Local Group satellite galaxies with next-generation simulations”.

Jenna's project ties the orbits of satellites to their star formation history and gas content evolution. She is trying to disentangle the roles of internal stellar feedback (supernovae, stellar winds, and photoionization pressure and heating) and external halo environment (ram pressure from the gas in the Milky Way’s halo) in regulating the gas content and star formation of satellites.

Also, Jenna’s most recent research paper is featured in Sky & Telescope magazine.