With Helium Prices Rising, Department Ensures a Reliable Supply

From the College of Letters and Science Magazine Fall 2021 Issue:

klavins-full.pngLiquid helium is vital to many cutting-edge experiments but has become increasingly expensive and difficult to acquire. Its unique cooling ability — down to almost absolute zero — chills magnets for research on superconductivity, nanotechnology and particle physics. ...

Peter Klavins ... a research specialist in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, ... oversaw construction of a helium recovery system in the Physics Building to capture and recycle approximately 90% of the helium used for research. Financial support for the new Helium Lab comes from faculty research funding and a $10,000 gift from Klavins and his spouse, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Susan Kauzlarich, along with gifts received through the department’s Liquid Helium Laboratory Fund.

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