Heavier Than Expected Particle Raises Questions About Standard Model

W-color.jpegExcerpt from the UC Davis Egghead Blog:

An international team of physicists, including several from the high energy experiment group at the UC Davis Department of Physics and Astronomy, has come up with the best measure yet of the mass of the W-boson – putting it in conflict with existing elements of the Standard Model of particle physics.

“It’s an amazing result,” said Maxwell Chertok, professor of physics at UC Davis and a member of the team.

The work was published April 7 in Science. UC Davis coauthors on the team include physics professors Robin Erbacher, Chertok and John Conway; students and researchers, Charles Cox, David Cox, Robert Forrest, Andrew Ivanov, Justin Pilot, Shalhout Shalhout, Scott Wilbur and senior researcher John Smith. ...

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