Give Day 2019

From Professor Llyod Knox:

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, and Friends of the Department of Physics,

If you, like me, have never given to UC Davis before, this message is particularly meant for you.

The third annual UC Davis Give Day runs from noon on Friday, April 12 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 13th. The Department of Physics is taking this occasion as an opportunity to encourage you to make your first gift. You may never have considered giving before. You may not have any idea why anyone would give. It may be helpful to know the following:

On Give Day this year I will make my first donation ever to UC Davis. It will go to Physics General Support. Frankly, it has just not occurred to me before to do so! The Department has been my work home for almost 20 years now. I have felt very supported by my colleagues to carry out the research I feel compelled to conduct. I am grateful for the students who I have the privilege of teaching, and who have contributed significantly to my research program. I will be donating on Give Day to count one more way in which I am supporting the missions of this Department that has been so very good to me.

I invite you to join me and thousands of others in supporting UC Davis with a gift on Give Day this year.

Lloyd Knox
Professor of Physics

From Professor Andreas Albrecht:

Dear friends of QMAP

Picnic day is this Saturday April 13. QMAP faculty members Markus Luty and Jaroslav Trnka are both giving public lectures as part of the Physics Department Picnic Day festivities. You can learn more here:

Also, UC Davis Give Day runs from Friday April 12 12n through Saturday April 13 5pm. A generous friend has established a QMAP challenge grant for give day. Ten gifts (of any amount) will unlock this $7,500 contribution. To contribute go to and scroll or search to QMAP.

Funds raised from our Give Day challenge last year supported QMAP's Amplitudes Summer School. Top students and teachers from around the world came to QMAP for a very intensive and inspiring school. On behalf of QMAP and all the students who benefitted, a warm thank you to our 2018 Give Day donors!

You can learn about the school here:

And here some photos from the school:

We exploring several avenues to enable more frequent public lectures and other outreach activates. Please watch this space for futures announcement.

I hope we'll see you at picnic day!

Andreas Albrecht
Director of the Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics (QMAP) and
Distinguished Professor of Physics
UC Davis