Dr. Brian Lemaux to Join Gemini-N Staff, NASA Grant, and New Departmental Post-docs

Dr. Brian Lemaux, an Associate Project Scientist in the department, as well as a UCD Physics & Astronomy Ph.D. graduate, has accepted a permanent position on the scientific staff of the Gemini-N telescope in Hilo, Hawai’i. Gemini-N, along with its Chilean twin Gemini-S, are among the largest and most productive telescopes in the world. At Gemini-N, Dr. Lemaux will be continuing his research on galaxy evolution in the early universe while assisting with astronomical observations and the scientific vision of the telescope.


Dr. Brian Lemaux (right) and wife Dr. Debora Pelliccia (left)

Professor Lori Lubin and Dr. Lemaux were recently awarded a large grant from the highly-competitive NASA Astrophysics Data Analysis Program (ADAP) to continue their work on the C3VO project, an international collaboration designed to understand the formation and evolution of the largest structures in the early universe. Joining Lubin’s research group to work on C3VO are two new postdocs, Dr. Ben Forrest (UC Riverside) and Ekta Shah (Rochester Institute of Technology), who will be arriving at the department in the Fall.


The massive Hyperion proto-supercluster, located in the constellation of Sextans, observed when the universe was less than 20% of its current age. This immense structure is one of many targeted by Prof. Lubin and Dr. Lemaux as part of the C3VO survey.