Department of Physics & Astronomy Climate Survey (Open now!)

A survey, which is open to everyone affiliated to the department, is now being carried out to assess the climate in our department. The survey is entirely confidential and will be analyzed by members of the Budget & Institutional Analysis (BIA) office on campus. This survey is intended to identify areas of strength in the department, any issues that individuals and groups within our community might have, and to conduct a broad demographic census of the department in order to help us identify areas for improvement that may help guide department policy moving forward.

This survey was meticulously constructed, with its contents being sourced from and shaped by successful climate surveys at UC Berkeley, advice from Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Vice-Chancellors here and at UCB, advice from a broad swath of advocacy organizations on campus, and advice from many members of our department at all levels, from undergraduate to faculty. Once the survey is closed, BIA will carry out analysis of the confidential data and pass their anonymized results to the Physics & Astronomy Climate Survey Committee (Rose Baunach, Steve Carlip, Robin Erbacher, Pratik Gandhi, Brian Lemaux, Morgan Walker, David Wittman). The committee will further analyze the data, prepare a report based on the results, and will disseminate all reports to the department sometime during the winter quarter.

If you are affiliated with Physics & Astronomy, you should have received an invitation from the department ( to take the survey on Qualtrics. If you did not receive an invitation, please contact for help. The links contained in the invitations are unique to each individual. Your honesty, candor, and thoroughness in filling out the survey will go a long way in helping us to effectively assess departmental climate. If you haven't already, we strongly urge everyone to take a few minutes to respond.

Thank you for your participation!