Department Chair’s Give Day Challenge Leads the Pack in Early Giving

April 8, 2021

With 9 days left to go to Give Day, 27 gifts have come in to the College of Letters and Sciences already. 12 of the gifts are to Physics and Astronomy, with eight of these in response to Department Chair Rena Zieve’s Give Day Challenge in support of a new graduate student support fund, the Opportunity Award. Chair Zieve will donate $50 for a donation from any current UC Davis Physics and Astronomy graduate student or major. The minimum gift is $5. You can see all such Give Day challenges and donate here.

Zieve has set an ambitious target for donations via this challenge of 200 donors. Students: please spread the word about the $50 match. If you can spare $5, please donate! Email your confirmation receipts to to trigger the match.

Click here for more information on the Opportunity Award.