Magali Billen

Professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences
Office: 2129 Earth and Physical Sciences building
Phone: 530-752-4169

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Research Interests:

Professor Magali Billen’s research interests include numerical modeling of subduction zone dynamics with an emphasis on the role of rock rheology. Magali has worked on all parts of the subduction system, ranging from the shallow, brittle process of outer rise faulting to the deep, visco-plastic process of buckling and folding of subducted lithosphere in the transition zone. Recently Magali has worked on the effect of overriding plate structure on slab dip, rifting of volcanic arcs, time-dependent thermal structure of the slab and mantle wedge, effect of phase transitions on slab deformation, subduction of oceanic plateaus, and the relationship between the stress-state in slabs and deep earthquakes. Additional research and education interest are related to using 3D Visualization of geological and geophysical data for analyzing data and numerical results, and communicating scientific information.