Condensed Matter Theory Group

D. L. Cox
Theoretical biological physics (protein aggregation, protein-membrane interactions, electronic and magnetic properties of biomolecules), strongly correlated electronic materials

Andrew Essin
Physics of topological phases of matter and other exotic phenomena in condensed matter systems

C. Y. Fong
Electronic structure theory of novel materials and biomolecules

Barry Klein
Electronic structure theory of novel materials

Warren Pickett
Electronic structure of novel superconductors, magnets, and nanostructured materials

David Pines
Physics of strongly correlated electron materials, especially heavy electron and cuprate superconductors; complex adaptive matter; educating the public about emergent properties of matter

Sergey Savrasov
Electronic structure of novel materials (including plutonium), dyamical mean field theory

Richard Scalettar
Simulations of interacting quantum solids and liquids, and of vortices in superconductors and magnetic hysteresis

Rajiv Singh
Theoretical biological physics (protein aggregation, biological membranes, regulation networks, electronic properties of biomolecules) and models for quantum magnetism

Gergely Zimanyi
Disordered, interacting classical and quantum systems; vortices in superconductors; magnetic hysteresis; optimization algorithms inspired by physical processes