Condensed Matter Experiment

Shirley Chiang
Scanning Probe Microscopy studies of material surfaces

Lawrence Coleman
Far infrared spectroscopy, phase transitions in solids, and structure-property relationships

Linton Corruccini
Low temperature magnetism of dipolar and/or frustrated systems

Nicholas Curro
Nuclear magnetic resonance in strongly correlated materials

Eduardo H. da Silva Neto
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy, resonant x-ray scattering, and other
<em>synchrotron-based experiments of quantum materials.</em>

Charles Fadley
Synchrotron based photoemission and x-ray absorption spectra of materials

Kai Liu
Magnetism and spin-transport in nanostructured materials

Valentin Taufour
Design, synthesis and study of novel electronic and magnetic materials

Inna Vishik
High-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and ultrafast optical strudies of quantum materials

Dong Yu
Optoelectronics of semiconductor nanostructures

Xiangdong Zhu
Studies of materials, surfaces, and biomolecules using nonlinear light scattering and ellipsometry methods

Rena Zieve
Low temperature physics (quantum critical behavior, superfluid helium, vortices in superconductors), granular matter