Second Annual Physics GRE Bootcamp at UC Davis - September 2011

This CPAPC bootcamp was the biggest yet. About 70 undergrads interested in physics graduate study came to UC Davis from all over northern California, and even some from the south. As noted in the agenda, they took a physics GRE under realistic conditions, met their peers from various institutions, worked together in groups, with help and guidance from UCD grad students, and asked many questions in town-hall style sessions with a grad-student panel and an admissions panel. The event was generously funded by the UC Davis Office of Graduate Studies.

Some pictures, representative participant remarks, and supplementary links follow:

In one of the group-study rooms

Some comments:

Extremely useful. I learned a lot.

It gives you an understanding of what is required of you on the test and for grad school.

I think the most useful thing is realizing my strengths and weaknesses; also comparing myself with others.

A good reminder that I really need to study.

Getting to know fellow physicsists

I enjoyed meeting all my peers.

All the TAs were extremely approachable and helpful.

Very useful. I now know what to study and more importantly HOW.

This was awesome. Don't change a thing.

Physics students consider a point

A few pointers on GRE strategy
Click here for Damien Martin's slides

Lunch with all hands

Adivce on grad school - prep and admissions