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About the Undergraduate Presentation Series

The Undergraduate Presentation Series is a student-organized seminar event that aims to demystify undergraduate research participation in the physical sciences and mathematics by providing a casual setting for students to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Every month, the UPS hosts a panel of undergraduate students, each of whom gives a 10 minute presentation on the details of their involvement in a past or present research activity. Topics covered in these talks may include how they succeeded in attaining a research position, what sort of preparation (if any) was involved for their respective project, how they were able to balance a full-time course load while conducting research, and much more.

At the end of the presentations, there will be an open-floor discussion session where students are encouraged to ask the Presenters questions about their projects, network with fellow attendees, and share with each other advice on how to reach out to prospective faculty mentors in order to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them!

Next Event: Friday April 30th at 1:00PM PST

Zoom meeting ID: 975 8793 8215 (*must access with UCD email) 
Passcode: research 


  • Chris Hopp, Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering major w/ Physics minor 
    Dark matter experiment design with on-campus faculty 
  • Narek Mamikonyan, Physics major:
    Computational statistical mechanics with on-campus faculty 
  • Paige Brady, Physics major w/ minor in Mathematics:
    1) Mat 199 course on triangulations and associahedra 
    2) Independent project on glacier dynamics with off-campus collaborator
    3) Paid summer position with Bodega Marine Laboratory Coastal Oceanography Group 

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