Interested in becoming a Presenter on the next UPS Panel?

The only qualifications you'll need are:

1) Current standing as an Undergraduate student at UC Davis in a physical science or mathematics major. Note: If you are a recent graduate and are interested in presenting, please contact an organizer before filling out the registration form.

2) Past or present participation in a research activity (on or off-campus):

  • The definition of "research" in this context is inclusive of both formal experience, such as conference posters and senior theses, and informal experience, such as 199 reading groups, independent projects, off-campus internships, or weekly meetings with a faculty advisor. Oftentimes, students might not feel that their experience qualifies them to be able to register as a Presenter. One of the primary goals of the UPS is to illuminate the diverse plethora of research opportunities which students might not be aware of, and to debunk common misconceptions about what qualifies as "research experience" for an undergraduate. So, if you feel you have a unique experience that your peers may benefit from hearing about, please don't hesitate to sign up!

There will be 3 Presenter Panel slots available, and selection will be made on a "first-come-first-serve" basis in order to avoid implementing any rigorous approval process. Remember, this is a non-traditional seminar event, meaning that the talks will not focus on the technical methods or results of the Presenters' research projects. The goal of these talks is to detail the Presenter's personal role and week-to-week tasks while involved in a research activity. For more information on the presentation structure, please see the registration form below.

Click here to fill out the Presenter Registration Form!

Contact an organizer if you have any questions about Presenter registration:

Paige Brady (

Sarah Edwards (

Jose Camacho (

Matthew Katz (