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Honors Modern Physics

Winter, 2012

Lecture: Chuck Fadley, Physics/Geology 241, fadley@physics.ucdavis.edu

Discussion: Alexander Saw, Physics/Geology 221 aysaw@ucdavis.edu

9HE Laboratory: Randy Harris in charge-- Website: http://www.physics.ucdavis.edu/Classes/9HELabHandouts/



Problem/Reading Assignments

Tour of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

--Saturday, March 10th

--Supplementary Reading:

Reading on Fourier series and integrals

Reading on time-dependent quantum mechanics and selection rules

Reading on wave functions for identical particles-antisymmetry and exchange

--Slides Used in Lecture:

Slide Set 1: Origins of QM, Special Relativity

Slide Set 2: General Relativity

Slide Set 3: Waves, Particles, Fourier Analysis

Slide Set 4: Quantum Mechanics: Postulates, 1D Problems-->3D Problems-->3D, Tunneling

Slide Set 5: Hydrogenic Atom, Many-Electron Atoms, Periodic Table, Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory

Slide Set 6: Molecules, the Laser, Solids, the Transistor etc

Slide Set 7: Nuclei, Particles, the Future


--Answers to Assigned Problems: in order covered in lecture

Chapter 3 (with some extra not assigned)

Chapters 2 & 12

Chapter 15

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 6-Special Problems

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapters 9-10

Chapter 11

Chapter 4

Chapter 12

Chapter 14

--Current Year's Exams and Answers:

Quiz No. 1--Suggested Answers

Midterm--Suggested Answers

Quiz No. 2--Suggested Answers

Final--Suggested Answers

--Prior Years Sample Exams:

Sample midterm

Sample final, including miscellaneous constants and equations

Study guide for the final exam