PHYSICS 295--Winter 2008

Introduction to Department Research
Tuesdays, 2:10 to 4:00 p.m., Room 416 Physics/Geology
CRN 37039

Instructor: Professor Shirley Chiang, Department of Physics, 215 Physics/Geology





Jan. 8      Fadley, Chiang, Liu, Zhu (Condensed matter experiment)
Jan. 15    Lubin, Becker, Fassnacht, Richter (Observational cosmology, experimental astrophysics)
Jan. 22    Tripathi, Svoboda, Erbacher, Conway (High energy experiment)
Jan. 29   Gunion, Luty, Terning, Cheng (High energy theory)
Feb. 5    Tyson, Wittman, Albrecht, Knox (Cosmology experiment and theory)
Feb. 12  Zieve, Curro, Corruccini, Radousky (Condensed matter experiment)
Feb. 19  Pickett, Savrasov, Scalettar (Condensed matter theory)
Feb. 26  Rundle, Crutchfield, Carlip (Computational physics, quantum gravity)
Mar. 4   Cox Singh, Zimanyi, Webb (Biological physics, condensed matter theory, physics education)
Mar. 11  Cebra, Calderon, Ferenc (Nuclear experiment, astroparticle physics experiment)