Physics 252B - Techniques in High Energy Physics
Prof. Robin D. Erbacher



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Presentation Examples

Read this: About your talks, and examples of presentations
How to give a great talk! (some advice from the CDF talks pages)

Student Presentation Topics

a) Discovery of the Top Quark: a decade of top physics

b) Discovery of the tau neutrino (DONUT) FNAL, 2000

c) Observation of neutrino oscillations at SuperKamiokande

d) CMS at LHC, detector, and motivate with a particular physics topic

e) Race for the Z, 1989 (LEP v. SLD)

f) The Proton Spin Crisis (CERN EMC, etc)

g) Search for Bs Mixing at the Tevatron (new results!)

h) Measurement of CP violation: sin2beta at CDF/Belle/BaBar

i) Indirect measurement of CP violation: epsilon'/epsilon (KTeV/NA48)

k) The neutrino puzzle: LSND and MiniBooNE

l) IceCube at the South Pole

m) muon g-2 experiment at BNL AGS and implications

n) International Linear Collider: Goals and Motivation

o) CDMS II: Searches for Cold Dark Matter

p) Searches for the Higgs boson at LEP

q) Prospects for Higgs discovery at the Tevatron

Final Projects