Physics 115A Web Page, Spring 2006

Professor Steven Carlip


Office hours: TW 11-12 (or email for an appointment), Room 437 Phys/Geo

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TA: Jerry Vigil


Office hours: M 3-4, T 3-4, W 3-4, R 3-5, Room 101 Phys/Geo

Grader: Solomon Obolu


Office hours (for questions about grading): WF 4-5, Room 436 Phys/Geo


What's here


This page will be under construction throughout the quarter, with additions made as I find them, and find time to add them. It will still be incomplete when the course has ended...

Class syllabus

Here is a pdf file of the syllabus.

Reading assignments

  1. April 3: Griffiths sections 1.1-1.4
  2. April 5: Griffiths problem 1.14
  3. April 7: Griffiths sections 1.5-1.6, problem 1.7
  4. April 17: Griffiths section 2.1
  5. April 19: Griffiths section 2.2
  6. April 24: Griffiths section 2.3
  7. May 1: Griffiths section 2.4
  8. May 3: Griffiths section 2.5
  9. May 10: Griffiths section 2.6, problem 2.52
  10. May 15: Griffiths sections 3.1-3.2
  11. May 19: Griffiths section 3.3
  12. May 22: Griffiths sections 3.4-3.5
  13. May 26: Griffiths section 3.6
  14. May 29: Griffiths example 3.8
  15. June 2: Griffiths 12.1, 12.2, 12.4

Homework and homework solutions (pdf)

Homework problems will be posted here as they become available.

Homework solutions will be available on the MyUCDAVIS website for this course. They will only be accessible to registered students.

Midterm information

The midterm will be held Friday, May 5, and will cover chapter 1 and sections 2.1 to 2.4 of Griffiths, along with any additional material I may have gone over in class. The exam will consist of two parts: a set of "short answer" questions, and a set of problems to solve. In each section, you will have some choice -- you will be able to skip at least one question.

The exam is not "open book," but you may bring one sheet of notes (both sides of a standard 8 1/2x11 inch sheet of paper), including anything you want. Here is a set of notes I think you may find useful; you can add to this, subtract from it, or rewrite it as you wish. If you need to do any integrations, the exam will have a small integration table that will include any complicated integrals you will need (and some you will not...).

Midterm solutions (pdf)

Solutions are posted on the course MyUCDAVIS website

Mean: 60, standard deviation: 18

Information about the final exam

The final is scheduled for Wednesday, June 14, from 10:30-12:30, in the regular classroom. It will be a comprehensive exam, covering the entire course; there will be questions or problems from every chapter we've covered.

The final will be similar in structure to the midterm. It will have two parts:

  1. Short answers -- few or no calculation, but you may have to think carefully about how to apply concepts.
  2. Problems -- similar in structure to midterm problems. At least one problem in this section will be almost identical to a problem that appeared on the midterm, and at least one will be almost identical to a homework problem.

For each section, you will have some choice of problems to do or to skip.

You may bring two sheets of notes (both sides of each sheet). Here are some notes that I find useful---you can use these, add to them, or ignore them as you wish. The exam will include a table with any integration formulas I think you will need.

Warning: These notes won't help much if you haven't studied enough; there is too much in the course for you to find the right equation on the fly. I would encourage you to use your notes as a study guide -- be sure you understand the equations.

Occasional notes about matters discussed in class

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