Class 16 & Discussion 8, 3/1/05,

Class Highlights:
* Plans for the conclusion of the Quarter
    ** Quiz 2 is delayed to Tue, 3/15/05, 5:00-5:50pm ; and no Discussion after that, unless there is a request for it.
    ** HW9 is the last HW done by students; HW10 and solutions will be handed out to students.
    ** There will be an office hour Thu 17, 3:10-4pm, or by appointments.
* Explained and derived the blackhole of an object with mass M
    ** Started by reviewing E= M c^2, its exact and approximate form (and in the approximate form, and only in the approximate form,  the energy can separated into E_0 and E_K)
    **  In most planetary motions (and our daily motions on the Earth), we use the approximate form, which works exceedingly well.
    ** From the escape velocity, we can derive the blackhole radius of an object with mass M.

* View the movie "The Cosmos and The String Theory (The Theory of Everything)" made by the students in Dr. Chau's 2002 Davis Honor Challenge seminar course. The movie gives an overview of our understanding of the universe, and the rest of our Phy10B course materials.

* Bonus-pt project:
     Find good web sites on "Fission and Dirty Bombs", that contains laymen info about
        ** what the nuclear reactions are involved in the commonly discussed so-called dirty bombs;
        ** what the nuclear reactions are involved in the reactors;
        ** what the nuclear reactions are involved in the first nuclear bomb that dropped in Hiroshima.

* Distributed graded Quiz2, solutions, and statistics; and HW9 assignment.

Discussion Highlights:
* Discussed HW9
* Discussed about Quiz3 and the Final.
* Students are encouraged to ask Dr. Chau questions and meet with her in person. For some questions, e-mails are not adequite.

We will discuss the material of week as listed in the Reading Assignments. Please have a first reading of them before the class. As indicated before, you can skip the Math Insights in the first reading. I will discuss the necessary Math Insights in Class and elaborate them further in Discussions, making them simpler, more precise and up to date.

Week-9 (2/27-3/5 )
  · Part of Chapt 18, p. 574 -588, TB1, The Bizarre Stellar Graveyard;
  · Part of Chapt 20, p. 632 -648, TB1, Measuring the Cosmic Distance and Age.
  · TB1, Fig. 17.26, P.568-569,  Summary of stellar lives, & its explanations.
  · p.183-p.211, Chpt 8, TB2, " More Dimensions Than Meet the Eye";