Class 14 & Discussion 6, 2/22/05

Class Highlights:
* h vs h-bar, E=h nu = (h-ba)x (omega);
* de Brogglie equation for particles as waves,  lamda=h/p;
* Application to make electron microscope;
* Discussed HW8, SA8.1.
* E=mc^2, its exact and approximate forms;
* E_tot conservation, and conversion of potential energy into potential energy;  reviewing and using HW 6.4;
*  For objects under gravitaty, as well for charge particles under electric field;
* Fusion: The 3 steps the Sun makes the energy;
* Apparant brightness, and the area of the surface of a sphere.
* Made summary of the class;
* Distributed HW8.

Discussion Highlights:
* Discussed HW8, SA8.2;
* Reviewed for Quiz 2.

Class Preview:
We will discuss material for HW8. Since it makes use of Quiz 2, the discussion can serve as review for Quiz 2. We will also discuss the following materials. Please have a first full reading of them before the Tuesday class. As indicated in class, and now in Guidelines for Study and for Exam Preparation, the important Math Insights in TB1 are those covered in lectures and HW's. (Dr. Chau always tries to simplify them and make them more precise and up-to-date.)  Therefore, you can skip them in your first reading before the lecture.

Week-8 (2/20-2/26)
  *  Part of Chapter 15 of TB1,  Our Star,  p.496-508 & summary pages (i.e., 15.1 to 15.3 and summary pagesof  TB1);
  *  Fig. 7.20 on p.186 and its explanations; Fig. 11.8 on p. 304 and its explanations;
  *  Chpt 16,  p.521-542, of TB1, "Properties of Stars";
  *  p.166-p.183, Chpt 7 of TB2, "The 'Super' in the Superstring";

Discussion 6 preview:
* Will discuss further HW8.
*  Review and answer questions about Quiz 2 material.