Important Reminder:

(1) As stated in 1/23/05 e-mail (attached below), from HW4 on, the due time will be by 4:45pm, Tuesdays (i.e., min after the Tuesday class starts).

(2) Chad's office hour is changed to Mondays, 3:10-4pm, at my office, Rm431 Phys/Geo. You are welcome and encourage to send me e-mail any time you have a question. However, questions related to the current due HW must reach Chau by 8pm Mondays.

(3) The course drop date is 2/1/04 (by the end hour of the day). Those students who has not committed and will not be able to commit the time required for a 4-unit course (12 to 15 hours per week, see Syllabus) to attend Lectures & Discussions, to read the Reading Assignments, and to do the HWs satisfactorily should consider seriously of dropping the course. It is not good to drag on, be stressed out, and get a poor grade as a result.

(5) Quiz 1 is Thu 4:40-5:30pm (as announced in class and on the web some time ago); after 5-min break, lecture on HW5 and related will resume. Please see Guidelines for study and for exam preparation and Syllabus for policy matters.

(4) Those who have not yet read the Syllabus and have not yet sent an acknowledgment e-mail to Chau, please do so as soon as possible .

******  Below is copy of Chau's 1/23/04 e-mail. **************
Dear 10B students:

Hope all things are going well.

I have not received any questions about HW3 from you. Now I have learned from the scores of HW1 and 2 that this does not mean that everyone of you knows how to do the HW. So, I am sending this e-mail to remind you. Please send me an e-mail if you have any question at all. If our e-mail communication is useful to the whole class, I will cc it to the whole class. Thoughtful questions and questions with useful content will get bonus-pt. So, it is a win-win situation for you to send me questions by e-mail. (Writing is one of the most powerful and brain-sharpening tools that we all should make best use of and practice on. Further, it saves you the time and trouble to make a special trip to see me.)  As always, you are welcome to make appointment to meet with me.

I am making the following policy changes.

(1) I am changing my office hour to Manday's, 3:10-4pm, if that is suitable for you. So please let me know if that period of time is absolutely not convenient for you, and I'll to adjust the time. I will start this new office hour on the coming Monday, 1/24/05. (In this transition week, I will still keep my Tu 7:10-8pm office hour as well, although no one made use of it last week.)

(2) From HW4 on, the due time will be by 4:45pm, Tuesdays (i.e., 5min after the Tuesday class starts). No drop-off box will be in front of my office for dropping HWs. (If anyone needs to hand in HW earlier than the due time, please slide it under my office door if I not in. Please do not put ungraded HW in my mailbox at the Physics Department.)

The reason for these changes is to have you all clear of the due HW by the start of Tuesday classes when I discuss the new material and new HW. [For all my previous classes, undergraduate or graduate, I always have HW due one day before a class date. This way students have a clear break from the due HW, and to be ready for the new one. It was done that way for my F-04 Phy10B. However, some students indicated that it was too much a trouble to make the special trip to drop off the HW. So I set the due time for this class to the end of Tuesdays. Now I find out that this is not good. On Tuesdays, many of you still have your mind on the old HW work while I start to discuss new material and new HW in the class and in the Discussion Session.]

I will alocat more time in classes and discussion sessions on HWs. In the coming Tuesday discussion session, we will start to review for Quiz 1, which is to be given on Thu, 4:40-5:30pm, 2/3/05.

As always, please by all means do not miss class or discussion session.

Best regards,    Chau