Grading Policy:

(1) Neatly organized calculations and notes on the back of the HW page are taken into consideration in grading; points may be awarded for correctly setting up the calculations (waivng partly the following point-off policy), even if the written solution in the front has mistakes.
(2) Correct results with no show of work on the back page (or attached paper marked with name) are worth only 50% of the points of the exercise.
(3) Off by order of magnitude: no points.
(4) Wrong units: no points. [Always show the basic MKS [meter-kilogram (or gram)-second] units. You can use prefix like, k, G, T, but make sure to define them on the side. You do not earn more points by showing both the unit in MKS and in the derived names, like J, Hz. If you use only the derived names of units, define them in MKS on the side.]
(5) Order of magnitude is correct, but the first significant figure is wrong: half the points off.
(6) Order of magnitude correct, first significant figure correct, but second significant figure is wrong: 75% of total points.
(7) No points for choosing more than one in the multiplie-choice problems.

Bonus-point Policy:
(1) Outstanding work in HWs, Quizzes, or the Final.
(2) Performing satisfactory work for bonus-point projects.
(3) Pointing out typos or errors.
(4) Making thoughtful comments or constructive suggestions (on all aspects of the course) that benefit the class.