Further guidelines for homework:

Besides those guidelines already mentioned in the Syllabus, students are encouraged to make use of the back pages of the homework, writing down succinct summary of the important steps in deriving the answer to each problem or the important reasoning involved in choosing answer. This has many advantages. The process clarifies understanding and enhances memory. The summaries will be very useful for reviewing for exams. Further, in the case of a student giving a wrong answer, if the summary on the back pages clearly shows that the student understands the derivation, but simply a simple arithmetic error, we can consider giving partial credit, although we do not grade what is written on the back pages of the homework. To take advantage of all these, needless to say, these summaries should be labeled clearly and written neatly.

Please write only results for grading on the HW front page. Please do not make sketches or computations on the HW front page.  They obscure your results for grading and for your own viewing and remembrance. (Make sketches on a scrap paper, then organized them in key equations on the back page of the HW, as suggested above.)