FRS 002, Sec. 12--Freshman Seminar -- Fall 2015

Applications of Waves-From Music to Imaging Atoms

Instructor: Shirley Chiang, Department of Physics, 235 Physics/Geology

tel: 530-402-7113; FAX: 530-752-4717


Seminar goals:

The objective of the course is for students to see how physical principles can be used to explain the world around them. Wave theory will be applied to two very different topics, one classical and one modern: music and quantum mechanics. The course will use physics to study the properties and production of musical sounds. Students will also learn how modern quantum mechanics applies to the operation of the scanning tunneling microscope (STM), which is used to make atomic resolution images of surfaces. Students will read and discuss how physics applies to musical instruments and the operation of the STM. They will use the scientific method to design and construct their own musical instrument, which they will present to the class.

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